Things I have read and found to be true personally:

To reduce overwhelm and stress, practice the 2 Minute Rule = if it takes less than 2 minutes to complete something, do it. If it takes longer than that, write it down, categorize/prioritize it, and complete it later.

Getting a good night’s rest is like putting your brain through a full dishwasher cycle. It clears your mind and allows it to refuel and recharge which makes it twice as likely to be a better problem solver. So the advice to “sleep on it” (before making important decisions, bigger ticket purchases, etc.) is a good habit.

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Book Wisdom:

“Three Feet from Gold” by Sharon Lechter & Greg Reid

  • You control the only things that matter, your mind and your attitude.
  • Every setback holds a greater opportunity. Afterall, success comes from experiencing failure after failure without loss of enthusiasm.
  • Dream big but don’t over plan, be open to the opportunities along the way.

“Success Through Stillness” by Russel Simmons

  • Meditation helps you use the bridge between the left and right sides of the brain to recognize thoughts, but not be stressed by them, and to allow silence from which all creativity springs.
  • Think of meditation like a shower, you need to make time for it daily.
  • Meditation helps the amygdala make calm assessments of situations, improve sleep, promote mindful eating and foster growth in the brain’s gray matter (hence positively impacting memory, attention, and empathy).