In order to experience LESS WORRY, MORE LIFE, it’s crucial to recognize the inter-relationship between our mindset, money habits, and the motion of our bodies – Mind, Money, Motion. Once we do this, we can maximize our potential for a happy, healthy life.

What results in a happy, healthy life?

The combination of a positive mindset, an engaged brain, and a focus on thinking of money as a tool, as well as keeping your body moving.


Marie Burns

MARIE BURNS, a Certified Financial Planner(CFP®), has been advocating for clients’ financial health for over 20 years. Originally from Wisconsin, she has helped clients with their financial lives in a fiduciary capacity in a bank setting, accounting firm, at Vanguard, at a financial planning firm and now writes, speaks, and has a Phoenix-based independent advisory practice where she offers financial planning and wealth management.

She is a volunteer ambassador and board member for The Financial Awareness Foundation, a member of the Financial Planning Association, a board member for the Senior Advocacy Group of Ahwatukee, author of a financial checklist book series, and podcast host of Mind, Money, Motion.

You can also find Marie at her Focus Point Planning website.

How can you get your mind and money in motion?

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