Suddenly Single: Divorced, Widowed, Separated

Suddenly Single Course & Bundle

Are You Suddenly Single?

Start moving forward in your own financial life and getting your financial house in order from the privacy of your own home.

Life often presents us with unexpected twists and turns, and finding ourselves suddenly single can be one of the most challenging transitions we face. But here’s the thing: it’s also an incredible opportunity for growth, empowerment, and reclaiming your financial independence.

I understand that no one knows your situation better than you do. That’s why we’ve designed the Suddenly Single Series to empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to navigate this chapter of your life with confidence.

With these informational sessions, you’re going to know exactly what to do, have the tools to do it, and end up enjoying financial peace of mind.

Before we dive in, let me introduce myself. I’m Marie Burns, the founder of Mind Money Motion and Focus Point Planning, and I’m here to guide you through this transformative journey.

Here is what you can expect:

Series Outline

  1. Welcome:
    • Video: Introduction from Marie (3:17)
    • Module Summary: Get acquainted with the series structure and what to expect.
  2. Overview:
    • Video: Walkthrough of the Suddenly Single Bundle (8:39)
    • Module Resource: Financial Planning Calendar, Net Worth Sheet, Home Money Makeover Checklist
    • Module Summary: Understand the key themes and objectives of the series.
  3. Let’s Get Started:
    • Video: Order of Completion guide (12:24)
    • Module Resource: All resources available to download
    • Summary: Which checklists should you start with and in what order should you complete the other checklists?
  4. Before and After Loss:
    • Video: A walkthrough of the Before and After Loss checklist (13:30)
    • Module Resource: Before and After Loss Checklist
    • Summary: Crucial steps to take before and after loss.
  5. Net Worth Overview:
    • Video: Understanding your financial situation with the My Net Worth Overview checklist (16:43)
    • Module Resource: Net Worth Overview Checklist, Free Workshop for more help with your Net Worth Summary
    • Summary: Gain insights into how much you owe and how much you own.
  6. Personal Property Disposition List:
    • Video: Managing personal property and assets and why it’s important to clarify your wishes in writing (3:52)
    • Module Resource: Personal Property Disposition Checklist
    • Summary: Clarifying your wishes in writing helps prevent misunderstandings and disagreements among family members.
  7. Next Steps:
    • Video: What’s next in your journey (2:49)
    • Additional Resources: Blogs, More Checklist Bundles, Workshops, Schedule a Call, Download Transcript
    • Summary: Actionable steps to continue your growth and empowerment.

So, let’s get started! Whether you’re navigating divorce, the loss of a partner, or any other form of sudden singleness, know that you’re not alone. Let’s embark on this empowering journey together.

Suddenly Single Money Bundle

Suddenly Single Course & Bundle

Includes over 20 money checklists and resources to help you through divorce, widowhood, or separation.

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Included with this course: Suddenly Single Bundle

What You Get!

The Suddenly Single Bundle includes 22 checklists and money tools to help you through this sudden change so you can enjoy LESS WORRY, MORE LIFE!

  • Autopilot Your Finances Checklist
  • Before and After Loss of Life Checklist (includes 8 additional checklists)
  • Bill Paying Expense Checklist
  • Digital Passwords Information List
  • Essential Planning Checklist
  • Financial Planning Calendar
  • Historical Net Worth Sheet
  • Information About Your Home Checklist
  • Insurance Summary
  • My Net Worth Overview
  • My Net Worth Overview Tips
  • Personal Finance Quiz
  • Ultimate Home Money Makeover Checklist
  • Writing a Will Checklist

Start building better money habits and get financially organized with the Suddenly Single Bundle, included with the course.

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