Suddenly Single: Divorced, Widowed, Separated

Money Checklist Bundle for Suddenly Single Women

Have you experienced divorce, widowhood, or separation? These are very overwhelming life events. Ease some of the financial stress with these money tools.

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Financial Planning Calendar

Use this checklist calendar to make sure you are always updating crucial documents and reviewing your finances to keep up with life’s changes.

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Suddenly Single Money Bundle

Suddenly Single Bundle

10 money checklists and resources to help you through divorce, widowhood, or separation.

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Suddenly Single Bundle

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The Suddenly Single Bundle includes 10 checklists and money tools to help you through this sudden change so you can enjoy LESS WORRY, MORE LIFE!

  • Before and After Loss Checklist
  • Autopilot Your Finances
  • Bill Paying Checklist
  • Digital and Online Accounts
  • Essential Planning Checklist
  • Financial Checkup Quiz
  • Financial Planning Calendar
  • Historical Net Worth Sheet
  • Information About Your Home Checklist
  • Insurance Summary
  • My Net Worth Overview
  • Ultimate Home Money Makeover Checklist
  • Writing a Will Worksheet

Start building better money habits and get financially organized with the Suddenly Single Bundle.

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“There were things that I found helpful that I hadn’t thought of before. I like the format, it helped me get organized.”

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