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The Mind, Money, Motion podcast focuses on helping listeners worry less about money by keeping their mind and body healthy. The discussion will help improve your MIND (by maintaining a positive outlook and active brain), or your MONEY (by learning to use your financial tools wisely), or your MOTION (by incorporating healthy diet and exercise habits) all so you can enjoy LESS WORRY and MORE LIFE! Marie Burns, a Certified Financial Planner, speaker, author, and Founder of the education business called Mind, Money, Motion is the host of this discussion to provide actionable ideas for women. Listen to any podcast below or check us out on iTunes or Amazon Music.

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Super helpful and easy to read!

All of the checklists are super helpful and easy to read. It’s just making time to do them that is hard but I’ve made a goal for myself to do one thing a week that hasn’t been done. I do feel good when I can check something off that I’ve already done too!

Breanna S.

How can you get your mind and money in motion?

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