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Estate Planning for Everyone

Money Checklist Bundle for All Ages

Are you and your family financially prepared for a major, unexpected life event? Put your financial house in order NOW with the Estate Planning for Everyone Bundle so you and your family have less to worry about LATER.

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Everyone money bundle

The Everyone Bundle

Over 25 Estate and Financial Planning checklists and resources to help you plan throughout life.

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Everyone Bundle

What You Get!

The Everyone Bundle includes 27 checklists and money tools to help with your estate planning and other financial planning situations that happen throughout life.

  • Advanced Directive Checklist
  • Bill Paying Checklist
  • Before and After Loss Checklist
  • Digital and Online Accounts Sheet
  • Essential Planning Checklist
  • Estate Plan Location Sheet
  • Estate Plan and Gift Outline
  • Ethical Will Worksheet
  • Executor Checklist
  • Family Tree Worksheet
  • Final Wishes Checklist
  • Financial Checkup Quiz
  • Financial Planning Calendar
  • Having Surgery Checklist
  • Historical Net Worth Sheet
  • Information About Your Home Checklist 
  • Insurance Summary
  • Legacy LifePrint: Letters and Stories
  • My Net Worth Overview
  • Nursing Home Checklist
  • Personal Property Distribution List
  • Pets Worksheet
  • Power of Attorney Checklist
  • Safe Deposit Box Inventory Checklist
  • Ultimate Home Money Makeover Checklist
  • Writing a Death Notice or Obit
  • Writing a Will Worksheet

Start building better money habits and get financially organized with the Everyone Bundle.

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What others using these money tools have said:

Super helpful and easy to read!

All of the checklists are super helpful and easy to read. It’s just making time to do them that is hard but I’ve made a goal for myself to do one thing a week that hasn’t been done. I do feel good when I can check something off that I’ve already done too!

Breanna S.