Less Worry, More Life

by | Aug 19, 2019

What is the one thing everyone wants in life? No matter where you live, what your situation is, or exactly how you describe your answer, we all have the same goal…happiness. Your definition of happiness is where we will each differ. Some definitions are related to financial independence, love relationships, accomplishments, personal passions or hobbies, family and friends, the list goes on.

Would you agree then that a common denominator for happiness (no matter what your definition) is the ability to experience LESS WORRY and MORE LIFE? To help everyone achieve happiness then, it’s crucial to recognize the inter-relationship between our mindset, money habits, and the motion of our minds and bodies to achieve LESS WORRY, MORE LIFE (as a foundation for whatever happiness is to you).

Mind, Money, Motion is the title of my new podcast where I interview guests who specialize in each of these three areas in every program. The combination of a positive mindset and engaged brain along with a focus on thinking of money as a tool as well as keeping your body moving, helps you enjoy LESS WORRY and MORE LIFE, so you can experience your definition of happiness.

As a CFP®, my background is most related to personal finance which will be one of the sub-topics each month. Money is the number one stressor in American’s lives and one of the main reasons for divorce. The podcast focus will be about helping women, for several reasons. Women often have the deck stacked against us, so to speak, when it comes to finances: we typically live longer but also normally have less in the way of resources since we have often had a reduced time in the work force (usually for caregiving reasons) hence a smaller nest egg and social security benefit.

Additionally, women are often uncomfortable with financial decisions OR don’t have the time or interest regarding financial matters OR don’t know where to begin with personal finances. Money is a tool we all need to learn to use wisely. Yet financial literacy, a life skill everyone needs throughout their life, is not a subject area of education this country has committed to providing yet.

Most of us want to get the money monkey off our back so we can live what we value.But money is a tough subject to discuss for many reasons: fear of being judged, guilt, lack of trust, bad past experience,it doesn’t feel urgent (yet),money can have a negative connotation (rich, greedy, selfish), we don’t know where to start so we feel overwhelmed, etc.

One crucial way to worry less about running out of money in life, is to keep our mind and body healthy (which costs less). So join our discussion about how to keep your brain healthy, use money as a tool, and use physical activity in order to enjoy LESS WORRY, MORE LIFE to help you experience your definition of happiness. You don’t have to do this alone—let Mind, Money, Motion be your advocate, translator, knowledgeable and experienced guide no matter where you are on your adventure in life. Tune in live on the third Wednesday of each month to hear from experts in all three areas from 11 am MT to noon www.businessradiox.com/phoenixbusinessradio or catch the recording as a podcast that will be available on our website, iTunes and Phoenix Business RadioX.

Marie Burns is a Certified Financial Planner™, Speaker and Author of the bestselling Financial Checklist books.